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Cataracts Explained in San Antonio, TX

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What Are Cataracts?

Usually, cataracts are simply an unavoidable part of the aging process that begins to appear after 40 years of age when the proteins comprising the lens of the eye usually begin to degrade or clump together. The opacity caused by cataracts gradually gets worse and prevents light from hitting the retina the way it should. This opacity of the lens of the eye ultimately leads to reduced vision, and often, complete blindness if not found early and treated correctly.

Dr. Victoria Perez and her group of eye care professionals are equipped to detect and help you manage cataracts in the initial stages and successfully navigate any worsening symptoms. At Texas State Optical Bandera, we help people suffering from cataracts virtually every day. Developing cataracts is quite common, and cataract surgery is the most common surgery done in this country. Around two million people receive cataract surgery a year. Cataracts can develop very slowly so men and women with the primary stages commonly don't realize their condition. This condition is an important reason why undergoing in-depth eye exams no less than every other year is vital to your overall ocular health.

Reach out to our highly trained team and visit our San Antonio, TX practice soon to schedule a comprehensive exam, and find out how we can help you manage your symptoms.

How Are Cataracts Treated?

If Dr. Perez makes a diagnosis of a cataract, a member of our team can detail the various options for treatment. The treatments for cataracts are selected according to the progression of the condition. In the beginning stages, a lot of patients can manage quite well with new prescription glasses or contact lenses. Women and men with more advanced cataracts, however, may require a more intensive solution, such as a trabeculectomy (traditional cataract surgery) or laser surgery. Dr. Perez and her remarkable staff are committed to offering each of our patients the best possible care. Depending on the progression of cataracts, we might treat cataract patients in our San Antonio, TX office or recommend they see a specialist.

This office is absolutely amazing. I am giving them a five star rating. I had some difficulty navigating between my medical benefit and my vision benefit and they were able to explain in simple terms which one would work the best worked out great. Everybody in the office is so kind and professional, and I just had an overall great experience I use to hate going to the eye doctor, and that is no longer the case.

J.P. Google

Friendly staff, knowledgeable and very helpful.

N.D. Google

I’ve been a customer of the Texas State Optical at Bandera road for many years. Everyone in their staff from the receptionist, Shantel, Dr. Perez, and Ruben are very friendly and professional. Their customer service is outstanding and all procedures are explained in detail.

C.R. Google

Great and knowledgeable service every time!!

C.L. Google

Friendly and professional

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Clear Vision After Cataracts

Patients who have any of the above symptoms or who haven’t received a comprehensive eye exam for more than two years should plan a visit to Texas State Optical Bandera at their earliest convenience. If you are 40 years old or older, having comprehensive eye exams every other year is critical to catching and managing cataracts and multiple other eye conditions. With an accurate diagnosis, our team can recommend an individualized plan to manage your condition.

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