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Advanced Technology

Dr. Perez takes pride in providing both the very best care with the most advanced technology for her patients. At TSO Bandera we strive to provide all our patients with their sharpest vision by ensuring we assess to state of the art technology. Listed below is an overview of what your comprehensive work up will entail.

Zeiss I Profiler Plus

Zeiss I profiler plus not only provides you a better prescription but it also gives you access to an optimized individual lens to improve both your color and contrast vision as well as improved night vision


The advent of widefield retinal imaging has shown us that indications of disease are often located in the far periphery of the retina. Tired of dilation, now you don’t have to sacrifice your vision for hours to check the health of the inside of your eye.

Zeiss Matrix

Proven diagnostic performance tool in detecting early visual field loss assocaited with both Glaucoma and or Macular Degeneration.

I-Care Pro

This is the latest in checking the intra ocular pressure. No more “puff test” to dread!


Automated Visual acuity chart and digital phoropter.

This device allows Dr. Perez to focus entirely on the patient interactions during vision “testing”


This is one of the most advanced tools in eyecare. Allowing Dr. Perez to assess the interlays of both the Retina and Optic Nerve for early disease detection.