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Keratoconus in San Antonio, TX

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What Is Keratoconus?

Keratoconus is an eye problem that affects the structure of the cornea, causing it to progressively thin and bulge into an irregular, cone-like shape. The cornea is the clear, dome-shaped layer that filters light into the eye and acts as a protective mechanism. The condition typically begins in adolescence or early adulthood and causes gradual vision impairments over time. You may not notice any signs in the early stages of keratoconus, which means it's likely to go undiagnosed at first. However, in the later phases, common symptoms of keratoconus include blurred or distorted vision, light sensitivity, and frequent eye prescription changes. Our experienced vision professionals at Texas State Optical Bandera can diagnose keratoconus and offer advanced treatment solutions to help manage the condition and improve your vision.

How Is Keratoconus Treated?

A result of hereditary factors or by patients excessively rubbing their eyes, keratoconus can be diagnosed with a comprehensive eye exam at Texas State Optical Bandera. For some patients in the earlier stages of the disease, corrective lenses like eyeglasses or contacts can effectively correct the refractive error and allow for better vision. A significantly advanced case of keratoconus may require a more aggressive treatment approach, such as corneal cross-linking, corneal implant, or possibly a corneal transplant where corneal tissue is taken from a human organ donor and used to replace your corneal tissue or a corneal implant where a small medical device is inserted into your eye to correct vision. Leading optometrist Dr. Victoria Perez will evaluate your condition and offer treatment solutions based on how advanced your keratoconus is.

This office is absolutely amazing. I am giving them a five star rating. I had some difficulty navigating between my medical benefit and my vision benefit and they were able to explain in simple terms which one would work the best worked out great. Everybody in the office is so kind and professional, and I just had an overall great experience I use to hate going to the eye doctor, and that is no longer the case.

J.P. Google

Friendly staff, knowledgeable and very helpful.

N.D. Google

I’ve been a customer of the Texas State Optical at Bandera road for many years. Everyone in their staff from the receptionist, Shantel, Dr. Perez, and Ruben are very friendly and professional. Their customer service is outstanding and all procedures are explained in detail.

C.R. Google

Great and knowledgeable service every time!!

C.L. Google

Friendly and professional

Y.J. Google


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Ensure Your Eye Health

As keratoconus affects your ability to see clearly, the condition may interfere with everyday activities, such as reading or driving. The good news is that keratoconus is treatable under the supervision of our vision team. Dr. Perez utilizes the latest solutions to improve the eyesight and lives of our patients. If you have noticed changes to your vision, schedule a visit with Dr. Perez at Texas State Optical Bandera in San Antonio, TX.

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