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Common Eye Conditions in San Antonio, TX

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What Are Common Eye Conditions?

At Texas State Optical Bandera, our highly trained team of eye care specialists routinely treats and manages various types of eye conditions, ranging from common to complex. Eye diseases and conditions often carry symptoms that include mild redness (red eyes), irritation, swollen eyes, or more severe concerns that interfere with normal daily function. Our expert team provides advanced care for conjunctivitis, chalazion, styes, tear duct inflammation, and eye allergies and performs foreign body removal with precision skill and expertise. Treating any type of eye concern as early as possible is important for preserving your eye health, vision, and general comfort, as even minor eye conditions can have serious consequences without timely care. For more on the diagnosis and treatment of common eye conditions, please get in touch with our practice in San Antonio, TX today.

How Are Common Eye Conditions Treated?

Eye diseases and conditions can produce a variety of bothersome symptoms and impact your ability to see clearly, in some instances. Any concerns or abnormalities involving the eye should be evaluated promptly to help preserve your ocular health. Some of the most common eye conditions treated at Texas State Optical Bandera include:

Blepharitis: Inflammation of the eyelids that leads to red, swollen, itchy eyes.

Chalazion: Small cysts on the eyelids that can be treated with massage and warm compresses.

Conjunctivitis: Frequently referred to as "pink eye," conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the conjunctiva or thin, clear membranes covering your eye and lining your eyelids. It is often treated with antihistamines (allergic conjunctivitis) or antibiotic eye drops (bacterial conjunctivitis).

Red eye: Often a symptom of an underlying condition, red eye is where blood vessels in your eye expand due to irritation or infection.

Stye: A painful, infected bump that often develops as a result of an infected eyelid follicle. Styes tend to resolve on their own or with the use of warm compresses. For more resistant cases, our eye physicians may recommend antibiotic treatments or surgery to drain the stye.

Eye allergies: Often the result of environmental factors, eye allergies commonly mimic symptoms of more concerning eye conditions so it’s critical to visit an eye expert for a proper diagnosis. Eye allergy treatment may include prescription or over-the-counter eye drops, oral antihistamines, and allergy shots.

I have been going to this TSO office for 5 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else. The front desk staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. Appointments are easy to get. Dr. Perez has the latest technology to assess your eye health and explains all of the results during your visit. She works with your needs and wants regarding the right type of glasses and contacts that will work best for you. Highly recommend them for all of your vision needs.

C.C. Google

Dr. Is very knowledgeable and allows you to ask questions. She is very kind and patient. Her staff are very friendly.

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Great experience! The staff is super friendly and they tool care of all of my needs!

B.A. Google

Wife and I went in for Vision check and new glasses. Extremely friendly and helpful people. Highly recommend everyone to make them first call .

J.C. Google

Friendly staff,, professional service and responsive too. All are wonderful to work with. They take excellent care of you and take the time to get to know you. I highly recommend.

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Comprehensive Vision Care

Itchy, irritated, and red eyes may be a signal of infection or another common eye condition. Our vision professionals provide you with comprehensive vision care that can help you see clearly for years to come. To schedule an exam with our Texas State Optical Bandera vision professionals, contact our San Antonio, TX practice today.

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