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Ortho K

Experience a future without eyeglasses or daytime contact lenses with corneal reshaping, an FDA-approved therapy in use for over a decade. It involves custom contact lenses designed to correct nearsightedness, gently and safely reshaping your eye's surface while you sleep. Simply remove your therapeutic lenses when you wake up, allowing you to enjoy clear vision without needing daytime contacts or glasses.

Nearsightedness can progress more rapidly in children and adolescents. In these developmental stages, corneal reshaping is an ideal choice to help slow this process for individuals with varying degrees of nearsightedness. This procedure is also an excellent option for those who play sports, cannot wear daytime contact lenses due to discomfort or allergies, spend a lot of time in air-conditioned or dusty environments, or simply don't like to wear glasses.

Corneal reshaping works much like popular refractive surgeries — such as LASIK, achieving the precise focus of light onto the retina — but without the need for surgery. It's important to note that corneal reshaping is a temporary and reversible solution. If you discontinue the therapy, your vision will gradually return to its original state before starting the corneal reshaping process.

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